Thicken Up Your Thinning Lashes

Long, thick and dark lashes are any girls dream! And my lashes use to be just that, but now my lashes aren’t as thick or as long as they used to be.

Causes of Thinning Lashes Unfortunately, thinning eyelashes are a part of our aging process. As we age, our eyelash follicles can slow down or stop producing new eye lashes altogether. However, I must say that age isn’t the only culprit that could be causing your lashes to lose length and thickness. There are these factors as well…

  •         Heredity (you got it from your momma)
  •         Medical conditions (discuss with your doctor)
  •         Some medications and treatments (discuss with your doctor)
  •         Self-abuse by scrubbing or rubbing eyelashes to hard and causing them to fall out (stop it)

So, if you’re like me, and your eyelashes aren’t as think or as long as they used to be then we have a few options to keep eyelash hope alive.

Options for Thinning Lashes Mascara

Mascara can work wonders and give you a needed eyelash confidence boost. Look for thickening and lash extending mascaras to give and instant appearance of fuller, lusher and longer lashes. Although mascara is a temporary fix, it may be the only option you need! Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara does wonders for my lashes!

False Eyelashes

Wearing falsies is another temporary fix and provides an instant change in lashes. Falsies come either as a strip to adhere to each eyelid or individual hairs to be glued in between your existing lashes to add volume and length. Falsies are great to try for day and night time wear!

Castor Oil treatments

Castor oil help grow longer and thicker hair and it can also be used to promote longer thicker lashes. Kate Blanc’s Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil is certified by USDA and is guaranteed to be authentic, pure, natural, and hexane free.

Lash Boosting Serum Over the counter lash boosting serums have vitamins and moisturizers that promote lash growth and fullness. Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum is a great alternative.

There are also options through a dermatologist that can possible provide you with longer lasting solutions to your thinning lashes. Contact your dermatologist for lash treatments and possibly eyelash transplants.


Now, it’s your turn…

Share one of your favorite eyelash tips down in the comment section!

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