Fingernail Polish Color Trends for Mature Hands

Rocking a hot nail color is my thing! I love having fun with my nails and trying new colors and age doesn’t set any boundaries for me. However, there are a few things I like to keep in mind when selecting a color for my manicure, since my hands are starting to show some hints of aging.

Our hands are the first to show signs of aging but I want my hands to look as youthful as possible for as long as possible! These are a few color considerations that I follow when I pick my manicure color!

Favorite color

I am always drawn to choosing my favorite color, which is pink, for my manicure. There are so many variations of pink that can keep me stocked at all times. If you have a favorite lipstick color then I’m sure there are nail polish colors that will match your favorite color as well. You know which color looks great on your skin, so I say start with that color. For me, it’s pink! Did I say that already?!?!

Bright and fun colors

I love wearing bright and fun colors because they are youthful looking colors and the nail polish brings the attention to my manicure rather than my hands.

Some bright youthful looking colors to choose from are

  • Bright pinks in any shade
  • Bright Reds, which include red, burgundy and plum nail polishes
  • Bright Orange, even an orange-red

Nudes for sure

Nude nail polish colors are a must for their anti-aging power. Every woman should have a nude polish in her stash that pairs with a favorite foundation color.

  • If you have light skin, choose shades of white, champagne, nude or sand
  • If you have darker skin, choose shades of cocoa, cappuccino, taupe or coffee



Grays and browns

I love cement gray but don’t necessarily care for browns on my fingers. However, brownish grey can be trendy and youthful looking. Lighter grays, browns and milk chocolate can be super cute and fun looking and not be as flashy as bright colors.

Corals, peaches and translucent

Coral orange, peach colors and translucent pinks elongate fingers and give a fresh appeal to your manicure.

Glitter and shimmer

A hint of shimmer or glitter can add intrigue and add some versatility to a manicure. A light glitter can accent your main polish color to add fun to your manicure.

These are some awesome fingernail polish colors that can bring life to any manicure and help our hands appear as youthful as possible for as long as possible by diverting attention away from our aging hands.


Now it’s your turn…

Let me know what’s your favorite youthful and fun loving nail polish color? in the comment section.