I’m Taking Control of My Life…

“Taking control and becoming more disciplined.” is my theme for 2020.

To gain control of my life, I must become more disciplined by changing my habits and developing helpful routines. So, I’m starting a “Better Me” journey which will encompass health and fitness, goal setting, self care, entrepreneurial skills and more.

I would love to share my “Better Me” journey with you, here on my blog and on Youtube. I’ll share helpful tips and tricks that I learn along my journey that are helping me and can help you.

To start my journey of becoming a “Better Me”,

1. I’ll access where I am in life and the areas that I want to see change. An example is not having to frantically search for my car keys before work.

2. I’ll address those areas by making habit changes or routines. For my example, I’ll begin hanging my keys on the hook everyday, so I’ll know where the keys are when I’m ready to leave.

3. I’ll follow through with the habit and routine that I set up. If I say I’m going to get out of bed at 5 am to exercise then that’s what I’ll have to do. The follow through will get us every time.

4. I’ll leave room for changes. I don’t want to be so rigid in my new habit or routines that I can’t make changes along the way and then stress myself out or quit all together. If something works then stick to it, if not ditch it and develop new ways.

By sharing my journey with you, I’m being a little selfish, because I’m counting on being held accountable for my actions by you.

I’m on a journey…I’m not perfect but I’m striving for better. Thank you for joining me.


Now it’s your turn…

Let me know any special 2020 plans you have in the comment section.