New Beginnings is a new beginning! I absolutely love new beginnings! New beginnings offer an opportunity to embrace new ideas and possibilities. It’s like being reborn, where you discard the old and walk wholeheartedly in the new. The Naturally Menee website is a new beginning for me that I’ll embrace wholeheartedly.

On I will share my naturally best self, while inspiring and encouraging others along the way. I will share topics from my journey with you about natural hair and skin care, aging gracefully and lifestyle topics.

I will also invite guest bloggers to share information and spice things up! I vow to be present on my site, attainable to my readers and accountable to myself and to you to bring awesome content.

I want to invite you to be a part of the Naturally Menee Tribe.


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I'm Menee Bond and I have a passion to inspire and encourage others to live their very best lives. I'm an easy going chick with aspirations of greatness. Naturally Menee is dedicated to my natural hair, mature life, healthy journey and personal life events.

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