I’m losing weight again…

Losing weight over a certain age can seem daunting and darn near impossible at times but the benefits of losing weight can improve my health stats and add longevity to my life.

I asked myself the question, “What’s the alternative?”

I even answered my question, “Gain even more weight, become unhealthier and remain less active.”

No, that can’t be my life. My body deserves to be healthy and I deserve to feel great. I decided to get my whole life together and jump back into the health and fitness game. This time with no fad diets or gimmicks, just the philosophy of eating less and better quality food and moving more. Becoming healthy promotes weight loss.

And guess what!!! It’s working! It’s not working fast but my clothes are becoming looser and my energy level is sky high. My motivation is growing daily which helps me stay focused on the prize of becoming my healthiest.

To lose weight, I’m tracking my eating, movement and workouts.

To track my eating, I use Myfitnesspal app to keep me conscious and mindful of what I’m eating all day. The app gives me the caloric intake of everything I eat and drink and lets me know if I’m in range of my daily calorie goals. If I can ever get the meal prepping thing down then I can use the app to list upcoming meals.

To track my movement and workouts, I use my apple watch Activity app. The watch alerts me to stand and move a little if I’m too sedentary, tracks my steps and monitors my heart rate as I exercise. The watch even feeds my calories burned through the myfitnesspal app.

Tracking my calories in and calories out keeps my goal of becoming healthy in the forefront of my brain and helps me to stay accountable to my goal.


Now it’s your turn…

Let me know what you’re doing to become and stay healthy in the comment section.


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