Gorgeous Nails for Women over 40

Grooming becomes more important and more time allowable to us as we mature. We have more time to focus on looking our very best, as most our children are older and don’t need us as much and our careers are at a place that’s manageable (I hope so anyway. Fingers crossed). We seem to have more time to put that extra final touch to our appearance, and having gorgeous nails can top off any look.

I tend to care for and wear my natural nails only, which is less expensive and consumes less time than going to a nail salon every few weeks. Maintaining your own gorgeous nails is actually very therapeutic and leaves you feeling accomplished, knowing that your nails are “Beautiful By You”. Here are a list of tips for cuticle care, nail care and polishing you nails.

Gorgeous Nails for women over 40 always start with healthy Cuticles and these are some healthy cuticle tips to help you have the most gorgeous nails.

1. Apply a hand cream each and every time after washing your hands.

2. Massage a cuticle cream into your cuticles daily. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is awesome to massage into your cuticles while watching TV or sitting in bed before going sleep.

3. Use a cuticle remover. Never cut your cuticles because it hurts, makes the cuticle angry and can lead to infection. Sally Hansen has a great Instant Cuticle Remover product that breaks down excess cuticles in just 15 seconds.

4. Push cuticles back gently with a wooden or plastic cuticle stick, never use metal. Disposable orange wood sticks work perfectly for me. One end of the stick is used to push the cuticle back and the other end is cleaning your fingernails.


Nail care is crucial to having gorgeous nails for women over 40. Think of your nails as the canvas to your Picasso! These tips will help you care for your nails in preparation of polishing.

1. Remove old nail polish to start with clean and dry nails.

2. Buff your nails to remove any uneven ridges, stains and roughness. A 3 way buffer will help do the trick and leave your nails smooth and even.

3. File your nails into shape with an emery board or glass nail file. I like my nails squared and rounded at the corners.

Polishing nails clear or with color always adds that extra something special to your overall look. These tips will help you to finish the look after your cuticle and nail care.

1. Use a nail polish remover on a cotton ball to clean all debris from the nail bed. Our canvas must be clean to paint on.

2. Assume the position. Lay your hands on a flat surface while polishing your nails for stability. The more you practice the better you become at polishing your own nails.

3. Always apply a base coat under your nail polish. Always. This step helps nourish the nail bed and protects the nail bed against stains. Allow to dry.

4. To polish, leave a tiny gap between your cuticles and the nail polish. We don’t want polish seeping into our cuticles. The overall look will be neater and it allows the nails to breath. Apply two thin coats of polish, allowing time between each coat for the polish to dry. The thicker the coats the longer the drying time.

5. Finish them off! Always apply a clear top coat to prevent chipping.

6. Allow the polish to dry thoroughly before doing anything else. To speed up drying time, trying dipping your nails in cold water.

7. If you not using a color, then I still suggest using a base and top coat to protect and strengthen your nails.

8. Remove the nail polish after 4 or 5 days and allow them to breathe overnight before polishing again.

This is when you start the process all over again. Be consistent and determined to have gorgeous nails no matter your age.

I hope these tips help you have your best nails!


Now it’s your turn…

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