5 Tips for Growing Fine Natural Hair

I have fine natural hair, which means, if I take a single strand of my curly hair in my finger tips, I can barely feel the hair or see the hair that I’m holding. The diameter (width) of the single strand of hair on my head is thin, not thick.

My hair is fine not thin, because I have thousands of fine strands of hair on my head that can sometimes in unison appear to be a thick head of hair. However, if I braid my hair or place my hair in a ponytail then you can see just how fine my hair strands are. It’s my fine hair! And I love it!

I must admit that fine hair is fragile, lightweight and not too voluminous but there are methods and strategies to help strengthen fine natural hair and help it grow as long as possible. Following these five tips has helped me to grow and retain my fine natural hair.

Tip 1 – Low manipulation

The number one tip that I’ve discovered to help me retain my fine natural is low manipulation. Meaning, I manipulate my hair as little as possible to retain length.

  • My low manipulation tips for other fine hair naturals
  • Only brush or comb your hair on wash day
  • Use your hands and water to smooth your hair if needed
  • Don’t mindlessly twirl your hair around your fingers
  • Rock styles that will last you a week, such as twists, twist-outs, braidouts, buns, or rollersets.

Low manipulation is key for retaining growth and getting long healthy fine natural hair.

Tip 2 – Moisturize and Seal 

Dry hair can be brittle and more prone to splits and breaks. Keeping fine natural hair moisturized in key to retaining length and growing longer natural hair.

Look for creamy moisturizing products and lighter oils to help keep your hair moisturized longer.

Tip 3 – Deep Condition

Fine natural hair is really fragile, prone to breakage because it’s cuticle layer is thin. To help reinforce fine strands, use a protein based deep conditioner once every 2 to 4 weeks to penetrate and bind to the protein complex of fine hair strands.

Follow the instructions that come with your deep conditioning product. Using too much product or leaving the product on longer isn’t necessary.

Tip 4 – Simplify Wash Day

Wash day can take a full Saturday if you pre-poo, rinse, wash, condition, deep condition, twist, untwist, styled and co-washed. A little sarcasm but you get the point.

Simplify wash days to cleanse, condition and style hair only, because fine natural hair can’t take loads of manipulation. You can obtain the same results by actually following the directions on the products that used.

Make your own wash day routine that meets your needs without adding too much manipulation.

Tip 5 – Use Lighter and Less Products

Lighter products and gels work better for my fine natural. Use lighter curling creams to keep from  weighing down natural hair and lighter gels to keep hair from drying to stiff.

Also, use less of each product. Try covering each strand by raking the product through your hair with your finger tips. Not saturating your hair and using one jar of product in three sittings.

You hair will dry in less time and it won’t be weighed down.

These are five tips to grow fine natural hair long. Please feel free to cop them!


Now it’s your turn…

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