AVOID Becoming a Product Junkie

I’m on my second natural hair journey after deciding to let my hair grow as long as it will grow. No more cutting my hair, unless it’s a trim. I’m going to Grow my Fro by properly caring for my hair, being less restrictive and having fun this time around.

Properly caring for my hair involves trying new and different products to find “THE Product Combo” that works best for my fine natural hair. At this point of natural hair discovery is when some people fall into this black hole of trying tons of natural hair care products, transforming responsible consumers into product junkies and discovering that once they climb out of the addictive hole they are left with too many products to store or use.

Not me…Not this time around…

I refuse to become a product junkie, a junkie to the products. I absolutely refuse. These are four ways I’m using to not become a product junkie.

  1. I limit myself to buying hair products from the same line once per month. I purchase only products that I feel will work well with my hair. I don’t need all the products of an entire line for my hair. For example, butters and some creams are too heavy for my fine natural hair so I shy away from those products and choose hair milks and leave in sprays.
  2. I use the products I buy for the entire month. I switch up the way I use the products to see if I get different results with different methods. I’m giving myself a chance to really examine if the products are good for my hair. I’ll give a product a few chances unless it’s just horrible in my hair. No product hopping for me.
  3. I stopped chasing the perfect curl or perfect style that i see someone else rocking. I have fine hair strands and there’s no product on the market that can transform my hair into being thick and voluminous like the girls on Instagram and Youtube. I’m not running out to buy every product being pushed by those ladies. I’m my hair crush!
  4. When I do find the holy grail of products for my head of hair. I will stick with those products as long as they work well for my hair. I don’t feel there will be a need to keep looking for new products if I have whats working for me.

Those are four ways I’m using to not become a product junkie.


Now it’s your turn…

Let me know if you are a product junkie or recovering product junkie in the comment section.

Melanin Hair Care

Everyone has been raving over Melanin Hair Care products that are made by vlogger, Whitney White aka Naptural85 from YouTube. Of course, I had to bite the bullet and purchase the two products that she’s currently offering on her website, the Twisting Elongating Style Cream and the Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend.

I wanted to see how the products would work with my fine natural hair, so I used the products to flat twist my hair. The cream and the oil were light enough and didn’t weigh my hair down.I  really like the curly results when I removed the twists. My hair was so bouncy and care free. Check out my YouTube demo video below.












Now it’s your turn…

Let me know what your favorite twisting cream in the comment section below!

Trim Natural Hair to Maximize Growth

I has an appointment to trim my ends this week. My ends weren’t super bad but I know trimming now will help me have a healthier head of hair. I’m looking to grow my fro as long as it will grow! Trimming our hair is an aspect of a healthy hair care regimen that promotes healthy natural hair growth and length retention. I want to share my answers to some of the common hair trimming questions.

Why is trimming important?

The ends are the oldest part of your hair and can become damaged from manipulation, heat and chemical use, environment and even your diet. Over time, daily wear and tear on your hair will degrade and wear down the hair’s cuticle, exposing the inner cortex. The result is split, frayed and damaged ends of your hair.

Trimming is important to rid your hair of those damaged ends and expose your healthy, vibrant hair that free of tangles and frizz.

Time for a trim?

When it comes to trimming your hair, you can be proactive or reactive.

  • Proactive – Trimming your ends every few months, even when you don’t necessarily notice any damaged or split ends. Trimming should be minute in this case. Most stylists recommends you to trim your hair every 3 to 4 months to keep split and frayed ends at bay.
  • Reactive – Trimming your ends when you notice more tangles, knots and breakage or your ends are frayed and dry. Trim all the damaged ends and your hair will look and feel much better.

How much should be trimmed?

Split ends can travel up the hair shaft which can cause your ends to tangle and look frayed and frizzy. Damaged ends need to be removed totally.

I promote trimming all the split and damaged ends. That may be ¼ of an inch or 2 or more inches. The goal is to rid the hair of all of the split and damaged ends.

Is it possible to trim your own hair?

If you are comfortable with managing your own hair care then trimming can be added to your natural hair care routine. The tools of the trade are professional hair shears and hair clamps. Once you have your tools then you’re more than ready to trim your own hair. If you don’t feel comfortable or don’t want to obtain the proper tools then go to a trusted natural hair stylist.

How to trim your own hair?

Trimming your own hair can take some time, so give yourself enough time to not be rushed while going through the process. Cut your hair while it’s dry and be very careful while trimming, so you don’t cut too much of your hair.

Try two strand twisting your hair and snip off any ends that are frizzy, dry, frayed at the very bottom of your twists. You can snip off the ends as you are twisting your hair and when you finish twisting you will have healthy curls with no signs of damage or split ends. Just remember to cut all the damaged and split ends.


Now it’s your turn…

Let me know how often you trim your hair in the comment section.


My Wash and Go with Cream of Nature Pure Honey

The wash and go has become one of my favorite styles since starting my second natural hair journey. And it’s been super fun trying new and different products to obtain the best wash and go. This is a demonstration of me using Creme of Nature Pure Honey products for my wash and go. Take a looksie!


Now it’s your turn…

Let me know what type of products you like to use for your wash and go in the comment section.

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How to Strengthen Fine Natural Hair

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